Kino pusryčių katastrofa: Lietuvoje filmuotas italų filmas apie sibirietišką auklėjimą
2014-03-17, 02:13
Who wrote this review is such a snooty person who really instead of considering the advantages looks just at the "half empty glass".
The Lithuanian actors and crew have made a good job, sure not a super millionaire American production, thanks God, I would say.
I enjoyed the movie, the story is interesting and not boring. Of course maybe miss Dovile Raustyte prefers the foreign productions instead of appreciating and encouraging the newcomers, but this is just her problem. By the way also Tadas Blindas is a sort of Robin Hood if we really want to force analogies... and he is practically unknown out of the Lithuanian boundaries!
2014-02-18, 20:22
Geras filmas vis neholivudinis šlamstas.
2014-02-18, 11:28
baisi nesamone
2013-09-17, 10:18
Geriausias filmas filmuotas lietuvos srytije , aciu atoriams uz puiku darba :)
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